Enable financial freedom for Bharat

We are focused on improving credit availability for users from tier-II and tier-III cities. Currently, lower and mid-income segment groups don't have access to high-quality financial services, because of low ticket size and non-focus groups for banks. We believe by leveraging technology we could build a self-serve system that could deliver a great experience while ensuring we capture sufficient data points for underwriting credits.

Our first credit product is a Gold loan.

Currently, 65% of the $130 Bn gold loan market is unorganised (bypassing regulations) and managed by pawnbrokers, money lenders, and jewellers, amongst others. In the unorganised market, customers are exploited frequently with high-interest rates (>30%).

We are building technology, which enables jewellers and pawnbrokers to work with multiple banks and convert unorganised businesses into organised ones with no hassle. This will also reduce the interest rates charged to end customers.


Convert India 's 65% unorganized gold loan market into organized

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Nikhil Jain

An ex-McKinsey & Company consultant and alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Nikhil has worked extensively in digital transformations in Banking and Pharma sector. He led Industry 4.0-based Business excellence projects at ITC Ltd. At McKinsey, he has worked on building & scaling Digital Banking applications and restructuring lending businesses.

Durgesh Suthar

Durgesh graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee and has over 6 years of experience in building tech products. He has worked with Flipkart and built scalable tech systems. In xto10x he built Saas products and their tech team from scratch. He is passionate about Cyber Security and has won multiple hackathons & CTFs (Hacking challenges) over the years.

Philosophy we inspire by

Anujeet Kudva

  • Ex- Chief Risk Officer
  • IIFL Finance Limited
  • Managed 70,000 Cr Gold Loan
    portfolio at IIFL
  • 17+ Years experience in Audit, Risk and Policy

Anujeet Kudva

  • Co-Founder and CTO
  • Avail Finance Ltd.

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